Speakers that work with your room
Exquisite sound in your home or studio.

Independent of speaker placement and without bulky room treatment.

High-end active speakers and studio monitors, optimised to your room’s acoustics.
Designed and built in Berlin.

Purchasing a state-of-the-art speaker system should be a pleasure, yet so often we’re disappointed by our investment when listening at home or in the studio.

Our everyday, imperfect acoustic spaces rob our recordings of beauty and realism, resulting in sound that is harsh, unfocused, and unnatural.

At phoniq, we create speakers that work with your room’s acoustics to achieve exquisite sound - largely independent of placement and free of expensive and bulky room treatment.

Featuring cutting-edge engineering and powered by the latest generation of Hypex electronics, our speakers transport you beyond the limitations of your listening space.

What our clients say

Bayo Adafin

Restaurant Owner
Love Deluxe
"The sound quality of the speakers has given our space so much life and personality, which is unmatched at this price point."

Bianca Shu

DJ and home listener
"I couldn't have imagined such lifelike sound in our living room. phoniq loudspeakers have changed the way we perceived music."

Paul Ćinske

Founder & Creative Director
Aerial Palettes
"phoniq provided a stunning sonic experience for our intimate weekend concert series."

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phoniq | high-end speakers from Berlin - improve your room acoustics

How can I improve my room acoustics?

When it comes to typical rooms, often just a few changes can make all the difference. Soft furnishings (rugs, curtains, sofas, etc.) and items like bookshelves, decorations, and plants can absorb and diffuse (spread) sound, taming harsh reflections. Arranging speakers symmetrically in the room will bring out details and spatial resolution in recordings, while installing acoustic treatment will further temper the harshness that many rooms bring. Finally, using a measurement microphone and room equalisation will smooth out and refine the low frequencies.

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phoniq | high-end speakers from Berlin - cardioid speakers

What are cardioid speakers?

Cardioid speakers use two or more woofers set apart from each other to create a directional dispersion pattern (radiation of sound into the three dimensions of space) that resembles a heart (“cardio-”) shape, focusing sound uniformly in the direction of the listening zone while minimising unwanted reflections elsewhere. This ensures better interaction between the speakers and the room’s acoustics, ensuring not only increased clarity and tonal accuracy but also more accurate and enveloping spatial reproduction.

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phoniq | high-end speakers from Berlin - clearer dialogue streaming film and TV

How can I make dialogue clearer in films and TV?

The struggle to understand dialogue while streaming content on TV or personal devices is a problem familiar to most, originating from issues like the down-mixing of theatre-calibrated audio for small device speakers, unregulated volume levels across streaming platforms, and the sleek, speaker-concealing design of modern TVs. Subtitles are a makeshift solution, but not without compromising visual engagement. As the industry continues to clumsily navigate these issues, solutions such as integrating external speakers, experimenting with built-in dialogue-boosting features on streaming services, and making simple changes to the listening environment can make all the difference.

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phoniq | high-end speakers from Berlin - what is a high end speaker

What makes a high-end speaker?

A high-end speaker delivers a natural, undistorted reproduction of the recording through advanced engineering and premium materials and components, such as drivers, crossover networks, and enclosure. It delivers clear, accurate sound not only directly to the listener but also to the room beyond, ensuring that the quality of both the direct and the reflected sounds arriving at the listener’s ears are tonally balanced, free of distortion, and spatially accurate and enveloping.

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phoniq | high-end speakers from Berlin - constant directivity

What is a constant directivity speaker?

Unlike conventional speakers, which may radiate sound to their sides and back in an uncontrolled way (for example, more narrowly at high frequencies and more broadly at low frequencies), a constant directivity speaker is designed to maintain a consistent sound dispersion pattern over a wide range of frequencies. This consistent distribution of sound through the room ensures that both direct and reflected sound have a natural tonal balance and realistic spatial qualities.

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phoniq | high-end speakers from Berlin - active vs. passive speaker

What are active vs. passive speakers?

Unlike passive speakers, which use passive electrical components (inductors, capacitors, etc.) to separate the sound into frequency bands, active speakers use electronic (often digital) crossovers to fulfil this function, before amplification of the signal and transmission of it to the individual drivers (woofers, tweeters, etc.). This allows for more precise control over the signal, in turn paving the way for reduced distortion, greater design flexibility, and more precise control of the speaker’s dispersion pattern - all in ways that are not possible with passive designs.

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About us

Founded in Berlin in 2020, initially as a custom speaker design and consultancy firm, phoniq specialises in speaker research, design, and production.

In adopting an evidence-based approach to sound reproduction, our work is built on the foundations of science, integrating state-of-the-art knowledge of both loudspeaker design and psychoacoustics (the science of hearing).

With customers ranging from home music listeners to audio engineers, festivals, museums, and everything in between, our mission is to empower you to experience sound as you’ve never heard it before.

Founders team

phoniq - High-end home audio speakers and studio monitors from Berlin, Diede Rusticus
Diede Rusticus
phoniq - High-end home audio speakers and studio monitors from Berlin, Svetoslav Stoyanov
Svetoslav Stoyanov
phoniq - High-end home audio speakers and studio monitors from Berlin, Andreas Kakogiannis
Andreas Kakogiannis
Loudspeaker Design